pere herms
avinyó, 1975 - documentary film director

Telecommunication Engineer, specialized in Image and Sound, Ramon Llull University. Master of Creative Documentary, Universidad Pompeu Fabra. 2004 he founded the production company Abyssinia Films. His works have been broadcasted in different television channels as Catalan Television, Spanish Television, Canal +, France 5, Ceska Televisie (Check Republic), Digital + of Poland obtaining a range of prizes on different documentary festivals. He has traveled extensively on numerous occasions in Africa and, Latin America involved in various social documentary projects.

2011 - Into the blue - Documentary - 63'
2008 - One land, one life - Documentary - 59'
2006 - Norro, a story of female circumcision - Documentary - 56'
2005 - People of the Rift Valley - Documentary Series- 4 x 52'
pere herms